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Music And Sound Production

Full service music and sound production for film, broadcast and multimedia. HD audio treatment from start to finish and post production. Utilizing the best digital and analog equipment available to ensure that we can produce sound exactly to our vision. The studio is equipped for any project size.

Music Scoring

The composition of original music is at the core of this craft. Our work ranges from composing music for film, television and radio broadcasts to commercials, corporate videos, branding and product launches, multimedia presentations, computer and video games, animations, audio visual slide shows, events, fashion shows, documentaries, short films, infomercials and web streaming …

Working across a wide range of music genres, from fully orchestral to electronic. We nevertheless strive towards a distinctive approach where standards of writing are always matched with high production values.

Sound Design

Bridging the gap between music and sound effects, we specialize in building sound worlds where projects acquire a unique character and life through sound texture.

We develop our own sound effects and sound design and hold an exclusive in house sound library. Everything from HD Quality nature sounds and environmental elements to Sci-Fi soundscapes and cinematic SFX.

Music Library

Soundtrack Bay is a high-end production house specializing in music and sound production for film and visual media. Our offering of pristine quality production music and sound design for film and media producers with demands on high production values.

Easy License Terms | Best Pricing & Best Service:
Our music library is owned and operated by a small community of professional screen composers. Allowing customers to deal directly with the actual composers ( no middle hands ) and so get the best pricing, deals and additional service one can ever get.

Quality Assurance: Unlike many music libraries we do not compete in oversized quantities of uneaven content. Soundtrack Bay is a quality industry, not a factory. Therefore all our tracks are carefully screened before entering the catalog. And as soon as newer tracks are available after exclusive licensing we will make them available here. So check in from time to time.

Our vision is simple: to allow our customers the benefit of real quality Soundtracks without breaking the bank. Our artists and staff is made up of active film composers and musicians who understand the needs of today’s media producers, and the pressures of production schedules. Our service allows anyone to get great-sounding music and sound effects, from anywhere in the world at any time of day.

In addition we offer customization of any existing music track, to better fit your production or film cue. And of course we also produce original Custom Made Music from start to finish. Our composers are conservatory trained and active performing musicians in a variety of genres, from concert music, to electronic and jazz. You can hire our composers for custom work. Learn more on custom music HERE

We have also introduced Music Packs into the library, allowing high demanding producers and directors to download thematically-cohesive soundtracks. Where music and sound relate in a cinematic sense from start to finish. You can learn more about our Music Pack deals HERE

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