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  • You can license multiple tracks at a lofty discount rate.
  • Create your own soundtrack and furnish an entire production with a full unitary soundtrack. Choose any music tracks from our Music Library to cover your production from start to finish.
  • All distribution rights included: Theatrical Release, TV Broadcast, Internet Streaming, Home Viewing and all platforms for Video Games.
    For one full production.
  • You can purchase a blanket license here to your right
    Or click ”Buy Blanket License” on the top right of the music store at any time.
  • See the Music Pack Pricing Table below.
TIP: You can use the ”Album | Score” search box in the Music Store to find tracks within the same Score Title.

These tracks are produced specifically for the purpose of unitary storytelling. Where instrumentation and body blend will fit perfectly from Intro through Narrative to Finale and End Credits. Tracks within the same Score are marked with a corresponding image ( artwork ). You can also click the ”ALBUM TITLE” up in the left corner of the Player to see all tracks within that same score.

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