STB People

Igge Scoce

CEO, Composer | Producer
Instrument Of Expression:
Piano & Keys

Master Of Music & Grad Dip in Film Music

QCM-Griffith University, Australia

Andreas Zenn

Composer | Producer
Instrument Of Expression:
Synths & Guitar

Master Of Music
QCM-Griffith University, Australia

Bengus Ljung

Composer | Musician
Instrument Of Expression:
Life long learner

Fast Facts

Soundtrack Bay started out as a collaborative project in Melbourne Australia in 2003 and has since evolved into an independent music production house.

Located in Stockholm / Sweden, with branches in both Europe and the USA, STL is now working span various projects for film, broadcast and visual media world wide.

Soundtrack Bay Team

Work Include

Alter Chicago, Austin Museum, Bapsoft LLC, BBC, CNN, City Interactive Games S.A., Chicago MultiMedia INC, CGI Africa Ltd, CISCO, Computer Sciences Corp, Eagle’s Breath Entertainment INC, Enchanted Enfant, Film & Mediekompagniet, Fuel Industries Inc, Gregg Adams Photography, Hexagon Metrology, Honey Advertising, HONDA, Insert Media, Kathaka Films, KMBC-TV, Kpmg Australia, Kwanza Safaris, Live Ideas, Limehouse Films, Living Ocean Productions, Mocean Arts, Moderna Filmer AB, Nautic Design, New Legend Media Inc, New Zealand Maritime Museum, Nimbus Boats, Ocean Preservation Alliance, Qatari Diar, Retrospective Pictures, SAAB, Seventy Times Seven Media, Smooth Studios, Starbuck Design, SuichemacheteTV, Swift River Music, Texas Wind Works LLC, Theatrix International Inc, THOKK Productions, Tomorrow Pictures Inc, Tournament One Corp, Triscari Group, True Nature Films, Universal Events, University Of California, University of Hull, US Congress, Zest.. and more.